8 - drilling
Environmental drilling

We own and operate multiuse drill rigs capable of meeting all our clients’ environmental needs

What we do:

We offer our clients a drill rig with direct push and rotary drill capability to give many options for soil and groundwater sampling, confirmation sampling, chemical injections and monitoring well installation

Soil logging and sample collection
Direct push rig capable of collecting soil cores as continuous coring or discrete soil collection.
In-situ groundwater sampling
Direct push rig capable of collecting in-situ discrete groundwater samples removing the need to install monitoring wells for single samples
Confirmation and compliance sampling
Able to aid clients with collection of confirmation compliance samples during excavation events for either regulated underground storage tanks or any other subsurface conditions.
Chemical injections
Our rig can install injection tooling for direct injections of most any chemicals.
Monitor well installation
We can install up to 4" monitoring wells using direct push methods, doing away with messy leftover drill cuttings requiring disposal or traditional monitoring well installation using augers.
Licensed well driller and registered rig operators
Our company is fulling licensed to install monitoring wells in Utah, Idaho and Wyoming.



In-situ groundwater and soil vapor sampling removes the need for well installation