1 - Remediation
Soils remediation, excavation & treatment

Solutions for contaminated soil cleanup and removal

What we do:

Removal of contaminated soil, soils testing and analysis, waste profiling, ground water management, shoring and more

Excavate soils

Contaminated soils are excavated when in-situ treatment methods may be too expensive or take too long

Offsite disposal

Excavated soils are transported for offsite disposal or treatment

Provide equipment

ET uses its own equipment - backhoes, trackhoes, loader, skid steers, dump trucks

If there is groundwater in the excavation, ET acquires a permit to pump and discharge water during excavation

Soil conditions or danger to nearby structures may requiring shoring


shoring installation

Soil sampling

Pre-Excavation Soil Sampling Cores

Groundwater management

Groundwater in excavation