1 - Remediation
Liquid, solid waste handling

Management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste

What we do:

Waste characterization, proper packing/containerization, transportation and disposal, including hazardous waste

Vacuuming, sampling, hazardous waste handling, profiling & manifesting (hazardous waste documents)
Waste characterization

ET conducts or assists with characterization of known wastes and analytical identification or field characterization of unknown wastes

Disposal management

After characterization, appropriate disposal facilities are selected and required containers, paperwork, safety details, and transport are managed

Types of waste
Used oil, oil water separator, kitchen grease traps, lab and firefighting chemicals, petroleum contaminated waste, tank bottoms (sludge), abandoned waste, purge water, low-level radioactive waste
liquid waste
ET Tech liquid waste
ET Tech liquid waste